Depending on the type of application, the anemometer is made as a hot wire anemometer or a pocket weather anemometer, both of which can measure air velocity and air pressure. The results of measuring the air velocity can be stored in memory, Category of anemometersdepending on the model. There are a lot of anemometers available.

The anemometer is ideal for taking quick or constant measurements. The application area extends from industrial use to hobby application. For example; heating and air conditioning systems and ventilation systems can be monitored with the help of the anemometer.

The small and very affordable anemometer on the other hand, can be used to determine wind speed in advance when it comes to flying a kite in your free time. This anemometer is very easy to use and transport, because it does not weigh much and can therefore be hand held. The anemometer can also help with the decision whether a wind power plant is reasonable to build since, depending on the model, the anemometer possesses a data logging function which makes long-term measurements and data storage possible.

We do also offer an anemometer which functions as a weather station for the private household. This anemometer displays wind direction, wind speed, temperature, and humidity, predicts the weather and comes with USB port and software. As you can see, an anemometer from PCE is ideally suited for the needs of every user, be it company, researcher, hobbyist or family. There are also optional accessories and ISO certification available for the anemometer.