Compressed Air Meter

Axetris Mass Flow Controller MFC 2022

Jan 11, 2016 3487
Small ultra compact mass flow controller module with RS-232 EIA and analog 0...5 V interface, based on the propertiarie Platinium MEMS technology from Axetris (MEMS: Micro Electro- Mechanical System).

DS 400 Flow Measurement for Compressed Air and Gases

Nov 23, 2016 755
Each factory needs compressed air, however, often it is not realized that compressed air is one of the most expensive types of energy. Therefore, the intelligent use of flow measurement DS 400, holds an enormous potential for saving energy.

Digital Flowmeter

Nov 23, 2016 940
EXAIR’s Digital Flowmeter is the easy way to monitor compressed air consumption and waste! The digital display shows the exact amount of compressed air being used downstream.

Compressed air flow meters

Nov 23, 2016 816
Impact RM's LP Meter - this mechanical flow meter is designed for testing compressor performance, measuring air leakage in the plant air system and can be used to quantify plant air consumption.

testo 6441 - Compressed air meter

Nov 23, 2016 630
Keep your compressed air consumption in check: with the testo 6441 compressed air meter, you can carry out compressed air measurements in order to locate leaks


Nov 23, 2016 511
BEKO METPOINT® FLM Flow Meters The precise measurement of the actual flow rate provides the foundation for various analyses, documentations and decisions in connection with compressed air systems. Possible overloading...

Compressed air consumption and leakage monitoring

Nov 23, 2016 727
Now also with different accuracy grades. For compressed air in industrial use, argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen. Large measuring range up to 700 Nm3/h. Larger measuring ranges on request. Fast response time and high response sensitivity. With flow rate, totalising and temperature indication.

Compressed Air Flow meter In Line Type Model VA520

Nov 24, 2016 636
The new VA520 Series flowmeter operates using the well proven colorimetric measuring principle. This technology uses a heated sensor which is cooled by the gas flow as it passes and the degree of cooling is dependent upon the mass flow rate of the flow medium.