Digital Flowmeter


EXAIR’s Digital Flowmeter is the easy way to monitor compressed air consumption and waste! The digital display shows the exact amount of compressed air being used downstream. This makes it possible to save thousands of dollars per year in compressed air waste – helping to identify costly leaks or inefficient air products. Many companies install the Digital Flowmeter on each major leg of their air distribution system to constantly monitor and reduce compressed air usage.


  • Easy to install
  • Summing Remote Display and Data Logger available
  • No moving parts
  • Sensitive at low flows
  • No calibration or setup required
  • Includes all components for installation
  • Models from 1/2" to 4" Schedule 40 iron pipe in stock
  • Models are available for sizes 1/2" to 6" in iron pipe
  • Models are available for sizes 3/4" to 4" in copper pipe
Digital Flowmeter