Compressed air consumption and leakage monitoring


Compressed air meter with display and totalizer function.

  • Now also with different accuracy grades.
  • For compressed air in industrial use, argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen.
  • Large measuring range up to 700 Nm3/h. Larger measuring ranges on request.
  • Fast response time and high response sensitivity.
  • With flow rate, totalising and temperature indication.

Calorimetric measuring principle

The compressed air meter detects the standard volume flow directly (according to ISO 2533). This makes corrections, in case of temperature or pressure fluctuations, unnecessary. The high measurement dynamics of the system enable the reliable detection of even minute quantities, e.g. leakage. High accuracy and repeatability are ensured by the integration of the measurement sensor’s key elements into a defined pipe length.

Measuring compressed air consumption in air supply lines

We offer additional compressed air sensors for larger measuring ranges on request, especially for supply and air supply lines. As an option compressed air sensors with exchangeable electronics, allowing subsequent calibration under operating pressure, can also be used.

Compressed air consumption and leakage monitoring