EESIFLO Doppler Flowmeter


  • LCD Display
  • User friendly set up menu
  • Flow Rate and Total
  • Weatherproof IP 66 Rated Enclosure
  • Easy to install, economical and compact
  • Zero pressure drop
  • No sensor fouling
  • Pipe sizes 1 inch to 118 inches
  • Adjustable high and low trips
  • Adjustable relay
  • Cut off flow
  • Analog Output
  • Long sensor cable lengths with Pre-amp option


EESIFLO 3000 series doppler meters are good for the following applications

  • Ground water remediation flow measurement
  • Contaminated Groundwater measuring
  • Sewage Treatment flow
  • Raw Sewage flow tranmitters
  • Sewage plant flowmeters
  • Difficult liquids that damage other flowmeters
  • Pump protection flow switches
  • Wastewater and treatement flow meters
  • Slurries and slurry flow measurements
  • Sludge velocity meters
  • Abrasives
  • Measuring Liquids with suspended solids
  • Measurement of the velocity of Aerated liquids
EESIFLO Doppler Flowmeter

How Doppler Flowmeters Work


A Doppler ultrasonic flow meter operates on the Doppler shift principle , whereby the transmitted frequency is altered linearly by being reflected from particles and bubbles in the fluid. The doppler flow meter net result is a frequency shift between doppler transmitter and receiver frequencies that can be directly related to the flow velocity and the doppler flow meter can calulate volume if the pipe internal diameter is known. The doppler meter can calculate the volumetric flow rate but a minimum amount of solid particles or air in the line to achieve measurements. These are called reflectors.