Differential Pressure

Orifice type / Differential Pressure Flowmeter

Aug 18, 2016 919
The Orifice Flow Meter is known for its stable long-term accuracy and repeatability. With the use of Orifice Flow Meter, there is a reduced possibility of process fluid leakage. Also, this Orifice Flow Meter has a lower cost of installation than traditional orifice-type meters. To add to that, this highly efficient Orifice Flow Meter requires no special protection against extreme weather conditions.

Differential pressure flow Deltatop DO65F

Aug 18, 2016 784
The Deltatop DO65F is part of the differential pressure flow measurement with orifices and Deltabar differential pressure transmitter. It is a meter run with standard orifice in compact or remote version and included accessories.

Differential pressure flowmeters

Aug 18, 2016 1606
ABB offers a wide range of differential pressure (DP) flowmeters and primary elements to suit almost all applications. Meter types include compact, integral orifice, averaging pitot tubes, venturi tubes, wedge meters

Annubar Insertion Flow Meter-ECEFast Wellbar

Aug 18, 2016 751
ECEFast Wellbar flow meter is a new insertion DP flowsensor. A complete flow measuring system consists of a suitable Wellbar sensor, DP transmitter and display / totalliser.The Wellbar sensor can work with a control system to measure,

ADF9500 Series

Aug 18, 2016 770
ADF9500 series is a transmitter of differential pressure pressure can be converted into flow value via microcomputer technology and flowrate, totalizer, flowmeter. The differential and differential pressure can be displayed directly in LCD screen

Differential Pressure Transmitter

Sep 05, 2016 734
SmartMeasurement’s ALDP-3051 is an intelligent differential pressure transmitter which makes use of advanced microprocessor technology with digital communications. The ALPD-3051 smart pressure transmitter is capable of differential, gage, or absolute pressure measurement.


Sep 05, 2016 933
The differential pressure-based NuFlo Cone Meter is a process control and multi-fluid meter that provides accurate, repeatable and cost optimized measurement solutions.

Target disk flowmeters Series DP

Sep 05, 2016 895
Target disk flowmeters for liquids and, for some specific applications, for gases. Metallic, simple and robust construction. Suitable for flow measurement of liquids with suspended solids and for extreme pressure and temperature conditions. Low pressure drop

Rosemount Compact Orifice Flowmeters

Sep 05, 2016 875
It’s no coincidence that orifice plates are still the most popular flow technology. They provide reliable and accurate flow measurement for gas, liquid and steam applications. Compact Orifice flowmeter installations are straightforward and affordable.