Annubar Insertion Flow Meter-ECEFast Wellbar


ECEFast Wellbar flow meter is a new insertion DP flowsensor. A complete flow measuring system consists of a suitable Wellbar sensor, DP transmitter and display / totalliser.The Wellbar sensor can work with a control system to measure, totalise and control the flow of liquids and gases including steam, over a huge range of temperatures and pressures.Standard material is 316SS

Wellbar sensors represent the latest achievement in the design of averaging flowrate sensor research. The aerofoil shaped sensor is designed to suit real flow profiles in pipes and ducts, and it can generate stable and accurate DP signals representing flow. The Wellbar features high strength, no leakage and is resistant to blockage.

Automatic cleaning systems using water or air blasts can be installed and controlled by the display/totaliser. This instrument can take pressure and temperature inputs as well, and calculate "corrected flow". DP signal stabilisation, high accuracy, low pressure loss, maintenance free

Annubar Insertion Flow Meter-ECEFast Wellbar Features

  • High strength, suitable for high temperature and high pressure applications
  • Easy in-line installation, suitable for all size square & circular pipe
  • Pipe sizes from 25 mm to 5000 mm, 400 bar & 550°C max
  • Accuracy within +/-1% for specified flow velocities within specified conditions
  • Hot tapping styles for maintenance under load
 Annubar Insertion Flow Meter-ECEFast Wellbar