Orifice type / Differential Pressure Flowmeter


For low Flow applications, we offer specially designed Orifice Flow Metering Systems.

The Orifice Flow Meter is known for its stable long-term accuracy and repeatability. With the use of Orifice Flow Meter, there is a reduced possibility of process fluid leakage. Also, this Orifice Flow Meter has a lower cost of installation than traditional orifice-type meters. To add to that, this highly efficient Orifice Flow Meter requires no special protection against extreme weather conditions.

From low cost Volumetric measurement to specialized applications requiring on-line density correction, we offer complete integrated ready to use Orifice Flow Measurement systems.

The orifice is designed for customer specific application , and integrated with the best of components from our own manufacturing range to provide you with the most accurate and predictable flow measurement solution.

It operated on the principle that, when flowing fluid flow through obstruction placed in direction of flow, it create pressure drop called Δ P.
This Δ P is proportion to square root of flow flowing liquid/steam/gas inside the pipe.

Orifice type / Differential Pressure Flowmeter Features

  • High Accuracy
  • Lower requirement of straight pipe
  • Reduce the permanent pressure loss.
  • Directly replace the orifice plate
  • Resistant to smudginess and blockage
  • Wide measuring range
  • Long-term and good stability
  • High temperature and pressure measuring
Orifice type / Differential Pressure Flowmeter