Air Flow Meter

BoilerTrak 620S-BT

Oct 26, 2016 706
BoilerTrak™ is designed to provide an economical, easy-to-install solution for precise natural gas measurement for heaters and boilers to increase efficiency.

Air Flow Sensor FastFlo™ 620S

Oct 17, 2013 2641
The FastFlo™ 620S is an insertion thermal mass air flow meter designed to give you a highly reliable, responsive and affordable mass flow meter for light industrial applications where a NEMA 4X (IP65) enclosure is acceptable.


Jul 09, 2014 1912
The TSI Mass Flowmeter 4040 can be used for a multitude of gas flow measurement applications. Whether measuring gas flows in a laboratory or manufacturing setting,

Airflow Instruments Multi-Function Anemometer Ta465

Sep 20, 2016 752
The portable, handheld Airflow™ Instruments Multi-Function Anemometer TA465 includes the Straight Probe 964, which designed to measure air velocity, differential pressure, temperature, and humidity. Calculations include air flow, wet bulb, dew point, and turbulence.

Airflow Instruments Rotating Vanes Lca501

Sep 20, 2016 710
The Airflow™ Instruments Rotating Vanes LCA501 is a hand held digital Rotating Vane Anemometer used for air velocity and volumetric flow measurements.

Airflow Instruments Velocity Meter Ta410

Sep 20, 2016 785
The Airflow™ Instruments Velocity Meter TA410 is a solid choice for a digital air velocity meter, without compromising accuracy and precision. It is perfect for troubleshooting HVAC systems, plant maintenance and conducting commissioning work.

Thermal Mass Air/Gas Flow Meter for Municipal Water Disinfection

Sep 06, 2016 839
Municipal water plant engineers in a tight spot over cramped chlorine system equipment areas will find the Model ST100L Air/Gas In-Line Thermal Mass Flow Meter with Vortab Flow Conditioner from US based Fluid Components International (FCI) provides accurate flow measurement without the long straight pipe runs required by other meters.

EE772 Inline Mass flow meter DN40 – DN80

Sep 06, 2016 904
The EE772 is a thermal mass flow meter for compressed air and gases. Irrespective of pressure and temperature, the EE772 flow meter registers mass flow, volumetric flow or standard flow.

Insertion-Style Mass Flow Meter

Sep 06, 2016 743
J-TEC’s Insertion-Style Mass Flow Meter is for measurement of engine intake air in pipes 3″ and larger.

Insertion Flowmeter for Compressed air & gases - EE-776

Sep 06, 2016 751
The EE776 flow meter is based on thermal mass flow measurement and is ideal for measuring the flow of compressed air and gases in pipes from DN50 to DN700. With the EE776 the consumption of compressed air

Mass Flowmeter for Gas Service

Sep 06, 2016 700
This model is a thermal mass flowmeter for measuring gases including air and nitrogen in a wide range. Insertion type, in-line type, and portable types are available.

Optimization Digital Flowmeter™

Sep 06, 2016 798
EXAIR’s Digital Flowmeter is the easy way to monitor compressed air consumption and waste! The digital display shows the exact amount of compressed air being used downstream.

Model A2G-25 Air Flow Meter Type A2G-25

Sep 06, 2016 728
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