CS Instruments DS 400 Flow Measurement and Data Logger


Compressed air production is expensive and the CS Instruments DS400 Data logger package enables the user to monitor performance and efficiency in real time and retain historical Data.
The DS 400 has the following components
A 3.5% Colour touch screen data logger with graphical display.
The data is taken from two inputs for flow or dew point. Displays can be in selectable unit values.
The data is captured from the CS Instruments VA 400 sensors. The system is expandable with and optional 2 GB SD card and a Ethernet, RS 485 Modbus interface .
CS Instruments also offer the CS basic software for easy data evaluation. Data can be downloaded via a USB for easy access.
The VA-400 sensor is easily removed whilst under pressure as the flow is isolated with the integrated ball valve.
The 4-20ma output from the VA-400 is configured for m3/hr and for totalised flow the pulse output is utilised.
The DS400 package is an ergonomic and intelligent solution to compressed air performance management.


  • Complete Monitoring for Compressed Air and Gasses
  • Data Logger Interface
  • Energy Saving Tool
  • Inputs for Flow and Dew point
  • Line Sizes up to DN 300
CS Instruments DS 400 Flow Measurement and Data Logger