Brooks Quantim® Coriolis Mass Flow Controller


Achieve superior accuracy and unmatched zero stability in ultra-low-flow gas and liquid measurement and control with the Quantim® Coriolis mass flow controllers and meters from Brooks Instrument. With the Quantim® series, Brooks has taken the lead in driving improvements in Coriolis flow technology: Our patented Quantim® Coriolis sensor design measures low flows independent of fluid type or process variables. The result: unsurpassed performance - the most accurate, stable, repeatable and reproducible mass flow measurement and control, even under changing conditions.


  • True mass flow measurement
  • Accurate density measurement
  • 100% of fluid flows through low-mass sensor tube (no bypass)


  • Advanced sensor and tube technology enable accuracy at extreme low flows
  • Process chemistry and/or process conditions can be altered without the need to change or recalibrate the measurement system
  • Multivariable outputs improve and simplify process monitoring and diagnostics, increasing yields and reducing cost of ownership
Brooks® QUANTIM® Coriolis Flow Meters and Flow Controllers