Brooks® QUANTIM® Coriolis Flow Meters and Flow Controllers


Brooks Instrument's Quantim Series is the smallest, lowest flow Coriolis meter and
controller available on the market. With a footprint the size of a handheld organizer, you
can fit this instrument into any tight space. The heart of the device is a patented Coriolis
sensor design which measures low flows independent of the fluid type or process variables.
With a range of 0.002 to more than 40 kg/hr, you can measure mass or volume flow and
density or temperature all in one compact package. Quantim offers unsurpassed accuracy
and unmatched zero stability in demanding low flow applications.


  • Integrated sensor, valve and PID control all in one small package
  • Low mass tube drive and optical sensing
  • Multivariable outputs and true mass measurement
  • Diagnostic alarms and warnings
  • Industry leading mass flow measurement precision
  • No internal moving parts
  • Small physical size
  • Gas, liquid and slurry measurement and control capability in one package
  • Variety of options, enclosure types and area classifications available
Brooks® QUANTIM® Coriolis Flow Meters and Flow Controllers