Electromagnetic Flow meter


Oct 05, 2017 300
Full scale flow ranges from 18 to 116,000 GPM Connection sizes from 1/2-inch to 20-inch wafer, sanitary, or flange Construction materials: 304 Stainless Steel with Teflon or Rubber Lined

MAG-VIEW™ Electromagnetic Flow Meters - Liquid

Oct 02, 2017 857
The MAG-VIEW™ series operate on the magnetic inductive principle. The complete absence of moving parts, its interference free operation and the insensitivity with contaminated liquids, makes this magnetic flow meter the perfect solution even in compact machines with cramped confines.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter MAG-C

Aug 15, 2016 908
The electro-magnetic flow meter model MAG-C has been engineered so to measure the flow and the volume of any liquid that is electrically conductor.

M930 Battery Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Aug 15, 2016 769
Battery operated Inductive Flow Meter M930 is a device designed for measuring, indicating and storing flow and passed through volume data of conductive liquids.

MUT1000EL Magflow Meter

Aug 15, 2016 870
The Euromag MUT1000EL is a robust flangeless ‘wafer’ meter suitable to nearly any application – DN25 to DN300. Ideal for mining, irrigation, sewage, process and chemical applications, the internals of this sensor are fully potted to protect the coils against vibration and moisture ingress.

Inline Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Aug 15, 2016 798
magnetic Flow Meter is mainly comprised by two parts: electromagnetic flow converter and flow induction sensors. Flow coverter has a main board and in charge of process various flow signal and communication signal.

Battery Powered Magnetic Flow Meter

Aug 15, 2016 751
SmartMeasurement’s ALMAGBAT is a battery powered electromagnetic flow meter mainly used in water applications.

IZMAG Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Aug 15, 2016 699
The IZMAG is Anderson-Negele’s full featured electromagnetic flow meter. Building on the qualities that have made its predecessor, the IZMS meter, the industry standard in accuracy and longevity

Electromagnetic Mass Flowmeters

Aug 15, 2016 868
Flokal B.V. smart electromagnetic flow meter is hallmarked by its high performance and reliability that are based on successful, field-proven technology.

Magnetic Flow Sensor Magflux A

Aug 15, 2016 965
The Mecon Magflux A is a precision measuring electromagnetic flow sensor for determining the flow rate of most electrically conductive fluids and also for media such as sludge,

Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Sep 01, 2016 914
Toshiba's electromagnetic flowmeters are ideal for industries such as power generation, HVAC, water/wastewater treatment, pulp & paper, metals, and food & beverage.