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Orifice Plate Calculator
Density Calculator Orifice plate pressure drop calculator is used for flow rate measuring in pipe systems. With orifice plate, pressure drop is created. Based on the magnitude of pressure drop, flow rate can be calculated. The pressure drop calculation formula for the pipe is explained in more detail below .Practical for larger tube diameters and for dirty fluid where other methods are impractical.
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Unit Converter
Unit Converter Online Converter for  Area conversion, Density Conversion,  Energy Conversion, Force Conversion, Length Conversion, Mass Conversion, Power Conversion, Pressure Conversion, Speed Conversion, Temperature Conversion, Volume Conversion, Data Conversion
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Pipe Flow Calculator
Flow Calculator Flow calculator is a small, compact and useful tool which helps the user make very fast flow related calculations .  It is a simple calculation without too many options for users who only want to see what they might expect . The simple interface only contains three text boxes. These text boxes correspond to the inside diameter of the cylindrical pipe, velocity and the volumetric flow rate
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Flow Rate Calculator (For Windows 7 and Windows XP)
Flow Rate Calculator

The Flow  Rate Desktop Calculator is a small but handy flow program  which enables you to make very fast flow related calculations offline .  It is a simple calculation without too many options for users who only want to see what they might expect . The simple interface only contains three text boxes. These text boxes correspond to the inside diameter of the cylindrical pipe, velocity and the volumetric flow rate
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Pipe Properties Calculator (For Windows 7 and Windows XP)
Pipe Properties Calculator

ENTER IN NOMIMAL PIPE DIAMETERS IN INCHES, ENTER IN PIPE SCHEDULE, ENTER PIPE MATERIAL FROM THE LIST The program will report Pipe Outside Diameter, Inside Diameter, Wall Thickness, Inside CS Area, Traverse Metal Area, Moment of Inertia, Section Modulus, Radius of Gyration, Outside Surface Area, Inside Surface Area, Weight,
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Solid Flow Calculator
Solid Flow Calculator

This Solids Flow calculator has been designed to help someone who is using some sort of conveyor system to move the solids. For solid objects, the flow usually is described by a specification of the mass or weight per unit time that is being transported by the conveyor system. The units will be in many forms, for example, kg/min or Ib/min.
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Venturi Calculator
Venturi Calculator The Venturi tube is one of the easiest to use inexpensive and accurate instruments for flow rate measurement in pipe systems.
Determine the pressure drop from the inlet to the throat and calculate flow using calculator Click here for Venturi Calculator>>
Viscosity Calculator
Density Calculator Input your Absolute Viscosity in units of your choice, enter in the
density and calculate Kinematic Viscosity in several common units!
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Density Calculator
Density Calculator Convert between common units of density
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Density Converter (For Windows 7 and Windows XP)
Density Converter

This Desktop Density Converter handles the following Units of Density
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Reynolds number Calculator
Reynolds number Calculator This program calculates the Reynolds Number by entering in flow characteristics in circular conduits or pipe flows . It calculates the Reynolds number you might expect to determin if the fluid is acting in a laminar, transitional, or turbulent phase based on the Reynolds Number result. It is a simple calculation using a basic Reynolds textbook formula . 
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Pitot Static Tube Online Calculation for Compressible and Incompressible Flow and Liquid
Pitot Static Tube Online Calculation  for Compressible  and Incompressible Flow and Liquid The Pitot Static Tube sometimes referred to as a Pitot Probe is a differential pressure device used as a flow meter for gases and liquids.  It uses a differential pressure principle for the measurement using the known or measured static pressure and total pressure differences know as the dynamic pressure. Pressure can be measured using a manometer or pressure transmitter. This flow metering device is also known as the Prandtl Tube.
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Other Calculators
Engineering Calculators  
Part Per Million Converter
Part Per Million Converter This calculator converter is dedicated to simple parts per million to percent conversions and percent to parts per million   i.e.  ppm   to  % and  % to ppm
Place the value you want to convert in  the box and then chose the conversion tab applicable to your needs
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Energy Consumption Calculator
Energy Consumption Calculator Using the enthalpy equation we can calculate thermal energy and power for heating or cooling or calculate flow rate of fluid that is heated or cooled. This program applies to heat exchangers, hot water boilers, chillers, air heaters, radiators and other thermal energy appliances in industrial space heating or HVAC.
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Fuel injector Calculator
Fuel injector Calculator This fuel injector calculator  requires the use of Java enabled and capable browsers. Enter the current fuel pressure at the injector inlet. Enter the . Enter the fuel injector fuel flow rating. Enter the anticipated or improved fuel pressure at the injector inlet
 Click on Calculate . The value will be returned based on the improvement
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Open Channel Calculator
Open Channel Calculator Enter in the Slope, Channel Top Width,Channel Bottom Width ,Channel Height,Flow Depth and the n values.
Press enter and the results will tell you wetted perimeter, flow area, hydraulic radius, C value,flow velocity and flow rate
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Flow Mass Calculator
Flow Mass Calculator Easily convert between units of mass flow e.g To convert ten kilograms per hour ,10 kg/hr into pounds per hour ,lb/h
Result displays as  10 kilogram/hour = 22.0462218 pond/hour
This calculator is useful for those who might be dealing regularly with mass flow conversions from imperial to metric units
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Net Oil Calculator
Net Oil Calculator

This calculator enables you to make calculations on finanical loss or gain using today’s current crude oil price or some other scenario. It is for those who are buying and selling crude oil and examining the overall effect that water content has on the overall price of an oil batch/volume and the benefits from custody transfer online crude oil sampling systems or continual response online water in oil monitors  
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Vortex Gas Rate Calculator
Vortex Gas Rate Calculator
Vortice vibrations will give you numbers displayed on the faceplate. Up stream pressure and temp. will give you the numbers to calculate your h/d gas rate.
Submitted by Shane Buzwah
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Vortex Gas Rate Calculator>>
Cylinder Volume Calculator
Cylinder Volume Calculator A formula for calculating the volume in a horizontal cylinder of any radius and length, filled to a specific height from the bottom. You can change the Radius, the Length and the Height. The height can not be more than 2R. The volume wil be calculated
Submitted by LP Theron (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
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