Gas Flow meter


Jul 09, 2014 2075
The TSI Mass Flowmeter 4040 can be used for a multitude of gas flow measurement applications. Whether measuring gas flows in a laboratory or manufacturing setting

2" Rotary Positive Displacement Gas Flow Meter G65 Qmax 100m3/h

Nov 20, 2016 819
Highly Accurate CGR Gas Meter utilise positive displacement design technology to measure gas flows in sealed systems to custody transfer levels of performance with excellent overall epeatability.

Mass flow meters: high-accuracy, multi-parameter flow measurement in real time

Nov 20, 2016 712
Mass flow metering, volumetric flow, pressure and temperature measurements simultaneously. Built in calibration for many gases, or define your own custom gas mix using COMPOSER™.

CNIM-TM series gas turbine flowmeter

Nov 20, 2016 749
CNIM-TM series gas turbine discharge meter belongs to the gas flow measuring instrument with high precision, are widely used in town gas industry and trade measurement flow meter using innovative technology and modular structural design concept

CALDON Series 380Ci Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter

Nov 20, 2016 2648
The CALDON 380Ci Series eight-path gas ultrasonic gas flowmeter has our unique eight-path, dual-plane, cross-path design. We have done extensive testing to prove this meter design is immune from the effects of swirl and velocity profile asymmetry.

American Meter- Natural Gas Flow Meter AL425

Nov 20, 2016 734
Diaphragm gas meter with odometer C/F index & temperature compensation. Residential, Commercial & Industrial.


Nov 20, 2016 695
Wet Test Gas Flowmeters: Drum Type Gas Flowmeters. DM3A to DM3G Zeal Gas Flowmeters are designed for a wide variety of applications where ease of use and accuracy is essential. They are tolerant of a multiplicity of gases, require very little maintenance, and cover flow ranges from as low as 5 litres per hour to 9000 litres per hour.

Daniel SeniorSonic 3414

Nov 24, 2016 759
Preferred worldwide for fiscal measurement, the next-generation Daniel™ SeniorSonic™ 3414 Four-Path Ultrasonic Flow Meter retains the field-proven, British Gas-chordal design while significantly increasing sampling speed with ultra-fast Daniel 3410 Series Electronics.