CNIM-TM series gas turbine flowmeter


CNIM-TM series gas turbine discharge meter belongs to the gas flow measuring instrument with high precision, are widely used in town gas industry and trade measurement flow meter using innovative technology and modular structural design concept, the realization product of modular production spanned the Ephesians, making products while guaranteeing high reliability, high accuracy, reduce procurement costs and maintenance costs.


  • Flowmeter with removable telescopic measuring movement of independent structure as the subject of measurement, measurement is now available as it deems necessary for measuring sleeve (each diameter there are four types of flow specifications) adjusted, enabling the flowmeter follow-up measures to upgrade.
  • The use of multi-function magnetic coupling coupling, easy with several auxiliary meter reading unit connection in the form of reading and counting skills upgrading of the unit, measurement and control for different functions.
  • Separate mechanical counter module structure has good versatility and interchangeability, reduces parts inventory, the mechanical counter with several low frequency pulse code signal output and protection capabilities.
  • With integrated rectifier band, effectively eliminating distortion fluid interference, improving instruments measuring accuracy.
CNIM-TM series gas turbine flowmeter