Low-Flow Flow meter


Jul 09, 2014 3147
The TSI Mass Flowmeter 4140 (0.01-20L/min Air, O2, N2 1/4" tube) can be used for a multitude of gas flow measurement applications. Whether measuring gas flows in a laboratory or manufacturing setting, TSI general purpose mass flowmeters provide accurate results with multiple data output options.

Liquid Thermal Mass Flow Controllers & Flow Meters

Oct 17, 2013 2672
Flomega uses the patented Brooks thru-flow thermal sensor design, which does not use a bypass, for low flow liquid applications. The thru-flow sensor technology gives Flomega a fast and linear measurement.

ES-FLOW Low-Flow Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters / Controllers

Oct 03, 2017 1017
ES-FLOW are Volumetric Liquid Flow Meters/Controllers for very low flow ranges. The instruments operate on an innovative measuring principle, using ultrasound in a very small, straight tube. A wide range of liquids can be measured independent of fluid density, temperature and viscosity.


Sep 06, 2016 1089
Liquid flow meters are compulsory elements of microfluidic systems requiring a control of the sample volume dispensed and/or, obviously, the sample flow rate (e.g. to avoid cellular stress).

Low Flow Flowmeters

Sep 06, 2016 1078
The Atrato inline low flow flowmeter is utilizing patented technology that enables it to operate with excellent accuracy over very wide flow ranges,


Sep 06, 2016 873
The patented SF800 is an all purpose flow meter with an excellent price-performance ratio. It is suitable for a wide range of applications and large variety of fluids, and covers flow velocities of 0.5 to 20 liter per minute at temperatures of -20 to +90 °C and an operating pressure of 16 bar (max 40 bar).

Low Flow Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Sep 21, 2016 3221
This unique technology enables Titan's Atrato® to outperform any other low flow ultrasonic meter on the world market today. It is an in-line product with a straight through bore which varies from 1mm (operating from 2ml/min) up to 6mm for the 20 litre per minute model.

BT Bio-Tech FCH-M Low Flow Flowmeter

Sep 21, 2016 1022
The FCH-m flow meter is designed for measuring very small quantities in aqueous and viscous media up to 10 mPas. The materials used are highly resistant to aggressive media.

Liquid Low Flow Meters

Sep 21, 2016 2300
Rheotherm flow meters are an excellent, and often times the only choice for reliable liquid flow measurement at low flow rates. For flow rates from 1 gallon/year (10 cc/day) to a few GPM


Sep 21, 2016 805
Description: The SM-00 is a universally applicable flowmeter for small to medium volumes of thin fluid. A rotor mounted on one side on a bearing pin is made to rotate by a flow obliquely directed through a nozzle where the rotor's blades are equipped with magnets.