Mass Flow Controller (MFC)

Brooks SLA 5800 Mass Flow Controller

Oct 17, 2013 2136
Brooks SLA 5800 Mass Flow Controller
The SLA5800 Series features the high accuracy, high zero stability and high repeatability you expect from the industry leader in mass flow measurement and control technology.

Bronkhorst® : EL-FLOW Prestige Mass Flow Controller

Jul 12, 2015 5499
EL-FLOW® Prestige is the next generation of Bronkhorst Mass Flow Meters/Controllers for gases. Nearly all core components have been redesigned and many improvements and innovations have been incorporated.


Oct 05, 2017 204
Full scale flow ranges from 0.5 SCCM to 3000 SCFH Connection sizes from 1/8-inch to 3/4-inch NPT

Digital Mass Flow Controller GF135

Oct 17, 2013 19627
Designed for the next step in semiconductor etch, thin film and other advanced process gas control applications, the GF135 combines all of the benefits provided by the most advanced pressure transient insensitive mass flow controller (MFC) and adds real-time flow error detection with advanced diagnostics.

SmartTrak® 100 HP

Aug 29, 2016 667
Designed to overcome the challenges of high pressure mass flow control, the SmartTrak® 100HP contains an all-welded sensor seal and innovative new ValFlex™ valve design; combines high performance with a wider, more robust flow body; plus features a state-of-the-art high-pressure calibration facility.

BRIGHT Series Compact Local Readout/Control Module

Oct 31, 2013 2288
Bronkhorst High-Tech designed a new R/C-module for digital Mass Flow and Pressure Meters/Controllers, to fulfil the demand for local indication of the actual flowrate and/or totalised fluid consumption.

SmartTrak® 50

Aug 29, 2016 645
For lab researchers and systems integrators/OEMs, the SmartTrak 50 is a true digital MFC and shares the same accuracy and repeatability as the flagship SmartTrak 100 with a few less features, slightly larger footprint, but more economical price.

Bronkhorst® : EL-FLOW Select Mass Flow Controller

Oct 17, 2013 7050
EL-FLOW® Select Series Mass Flow Meters/Controllers are thermal mass flow meters of modular construction with a 'laboratory style' pc-board housing. Control valves can either be integrally or separately mounted, to measure and control gas flows

MassTrak® 810 Mass Flow Controllers

Jul 12, 2014 7328
Designed to control the flow of air and ALL inert gases & mixtures, our MassTrak® Model 810C meets the same performance criteria as any industry-standard MFC at an affordable price.

SideTrak® 840 Analog Mass Flow Controllers

Oct 17, 2013 2167
Get accurate, reliable mass flow control with Sierra's SideTrak® Model 840 analog mass flow meter and controller. With precise primary standard calibration to measure any clean