Orifice plate

DPF-601 Orifice Plate

Aug 31, 2016 761
DFP-601 Orifice Plate complies with ISO 5167 standards in design and production. It can be used to measure flow within pipelines containing clean gas, liquid or vapor.

1300B Orifice plate

Aug 31, 2016 621
The adjustable orifice plate can be used as static throttling element to adjust a constant flow rate or as cavitation prevention (dynamic pressure orifice plate) downstream of control valves.


Aug 31, 2016 622
An orifice plate is one of the most popular primary devices for measuring gases and low-viscosity liquids. The NuFlo Orifice Flange Union helps ensure accurate and predictable measurements by securing the orifice plate’s position in the pipe bore.

Flowstream Orifice Plates

Aug 31, 2016 661
The Orifice plate is the most commonly used differential pressure device offering economical, simple and sufficient accuracy for many applications within the industry. Calibration and Dimensional Certificates are available for square edge orifice plates for use in Fiscal and Allocation metering, if required.

Brass Orifice Plates

Aug 31, 2016 636
Our range of Brass Orifice Plates is available in brass of 3mm, 6mm or even 10mm thickness and designed for nominal bores from 50-200mm.

X52E Orifice Plate Assembly

Aug 10, 2016 894
The Cla-Val Model X52E Orifice Plate Assembly is typically used with Cla-Val flow control valves. The orifice plate is an essential component used to generate a specific, predictable pressure drop in the system.

Rubber Fab Tri-Clamp® Orifice Plate Gaskets

Aug 10, 2016 773
PTFE Sanitary Tri-Clamp® Gaskets are the material of choice where low temperature flexibility and hygienic seal memory are not required.

Orifice plate Models FLC-OP

Aug 10, 2016 791
Differential pressure flow meters are used in many industrial applications. As primary flow elements, orifice plates represent the most common solution. This instrument is notable forits easy installation and management.

BLS100 Orifice plate

Aug 10, 2016 818
The orifice plates type BLS are manufactured for installation between flanges according to standard DIN EN ISO 5167 part 2. But measuring sections with orifice plate require relatively long, straight overall lengths of 15 up to 35 x D.

Orifice plate Model : F100

Aug 10, 2016 841
Orifice plates are widely used for flow measurement as they provide the simplest and the most economical means of flow detection. Orifice plates are available in the concentric type that the round opening (Bore) of the orifice plate is positioned concentrically with the center of the pipe and the opening edge (Bore edge) is available either in the concentric square edge type (Sharp, square edge type) or in the quadrant edge type (Round edge type).