BLS100 Orifice plate


The orifice plates type BLS are manufactured for installation between flanges according to standard DIN EN ISO 5167 part 2. But measuring sections with orifice plate require relatively long, straight overall lengths of 15 up to 35 x D. The remaining pressure drop is approx. 60 to 70% of the measured differential pressure.

The orifice plate BLS with handle is mostly used to measure the flow of gases, vapors and liquids, occasionally to restrict the flow or to reduce pressure. It can be easily installed directly between pipe flanges and it is especially suitable in big pipes even for subsequent installation to existing pipe systems.


  • Bore diameter d of 1 up to 800 mm
  • Diameters of DN 10 up to DN 1000
  • Straight inlet/outlet: min. 10 x DN/ 5 x DN
  • Connection by flanges
  • Vacuum or overpressure operation
  • Quick response time and good accuracy
  • Very good long-term stability, no moving parts
BLS100 Orifice plate