Positive Displacement Flow meter

Piston Flow Meter

Oct 02, 2017 557
Flow range: 5 to 10,000 cc/min (0 to 2.64 gpm) Accuracy (at 3 cP): ± 0.2% of reading over a 200:1 range Maximum Operating Pressure: 70, 210 or 500 bar (1000, 3000 or 7250 psi--high pressure) Displacement: 10.5 cc/rev (0.064 in3/rev) Weight: 3.7 kg (8.2 lbs) Recommended Filtration: 10 micron (1250 mesh) Port Size: 3/8" NPT standard; #6 SAE or manifold Fluids: Most non aqueous, hydrocarbon based liquids

Oval Gear Positive Displacement Meters

Oct 18, 2013 12655
The Brooks® portfolio of products includes additional liquid metering and controlling devices. This includes Brooks' Oval Gear positive displacement meters, which are ideal for highly viscous liquids in applications where accuracy and repeatability are critical

Brooks-Oval Models BM04 BM07 BM10 BM40 BM50

Oct 17, 2013 3243
The Brooks® Models BM04, BM07, BM10, BM40 and BM50 are positive displacement oval gear flowmeters designed for applications requiring high accuracy measurement of clean liquids with viscosity's less than 1000 cP standard, or up to 1 million cP with rotors (gears) cut for high viscosity. All meters are available with a pulse output from a reed switch or solid state Hall effect switch for remote registration and/or totalization.


Oct 05, 2017 306
Full scale flow ranges from 2.6 to 90 GPM Connection sizes from 1/2-inch to 2-inch NPT, BSP, sanitary or flange

SAMPI Positive Displacement Flow Meters (SM-Series)

Jul 06, 2016 1030
SAMPI meters are known worldwide for exceptional accuracy, reliability and longevity in a broad range of applications. Meters provide exceptionally accurate service when using unique positive displacement metering principle, even under variable operating conditions.

Oval Mini Meter Positive Displacement Flow Meter

Aug 10, 2016 896
The Mini Meter is a positive displacement flow meter best suited for measuring lubrication oils for various kinds of machines and instruments in the management of fuel oil consumption with small oil burner


Aug 10, 2016 864
Brodie BiRotor Plus™ meter is a volumetric flow measuring device designed for the accurate measurement of petroleum liquids in a variety of applications.

MA-Series Positive Displacement Flow Meters

Aug 15, 2016 952
Liquid Controls MA-Series rotary motion positive displacement (PD) meters offer the ultimate in measurement accuracy for custody transfer of LPG.

Positive displacement meter ZC 17

Sep 01, 2016 715
The SATAM Positive Displacement meter (PD meter) is a system with freely-moving blades used to measure white petroleum products such as fuels