Brooks-OvalTM Models: BM04, BM07, BM10,BM40 & BM50


The Brooks® Models BM04, BM07, BM10, BM40 and BM50 are positive displacement oval gear flowmeters designed for applications requiring high accuracy measurement of clean liquids with viscosity's less than 1000 cP standard, or up to 1 million cP with rotors (gears) cut for high viscosity. All meters are available with a pulse output from a reed switch or solid state Hall effect switch for remote registration and/or totalization. Two optional LCD displays offer rate, resetable total, non-resetable total and the option for simple batch (Deluxe Display). Also offered on sizes BM10 and larger is an option for mechanical totalization. All six meters are available with PPS rotors (gears) as standard. Also available as an option are 316 SS rotors (gears). The Model BM07 is only available with a PPS body, rotors (gears) and optional Hastelloy C® rotor (gear) shafts. The BM07 is specially designed for corrosive liquid service when the optional Hastelloy C shafts are selected. The Model BM10 is available with optional 1 inch Tri-Clover connections in all 316 Stainless Steel construction.


  • Brooks-Oval Models BM04 BM07 BM10 BM40 BM50
  • Sizes for wide flow ranges, 0.26 to 92.5 GPM(1 to 350 LPM)
  • Very low pressure drop
  • Standard Viscosity to 1000 Cp (Centipoise)
  • High Viscosity Rotors (Gears) to 1 million cP
  • High Accuracy, 1/2% rate or better
  • 0.03% repeatability
  • Only two moving parts
  • Reed or solid state Hall Effect Switch
  • Screwed, Flanged or Tri-Clover®Connectionoptions
  • Body's available in Aluminum, PPS or 316Stainless Steel
  • Two Electronic Display options standar
Brooks-OvalTM Models: BM04, BM07, BM10,BM40 & BM50