ICENTA Rotameter Flow Meter F VA Tubux M30


The Mecon F VA Tubux M30 is a variable area flow meter with a glass flow tube for measuring the volume of transparent liquids and gases passing through closed piping. It is factory pre-set to specific standard measuring ranges and is compatible with many chemical substances and can withstand high temperatures. The F VA Tubux M30 rotameter flow meter can also be used for flow monitoring when equipped with one or more switching contacts.

Tubux M30 for liquid measuring - range from 0.1 to 25,000 l/hr & Gas ranges from 1,6 to 480,000 l/hr



  • Product scales for liquids and gases
  • Rugged versions with various materials
  • Can be used for high pressures and temperatures
ICENTA Rotameter Flow Meter F VA Tubux M30