Thermal Mass Flow meter

QuadraTherm 640i Insertion Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Oct 21, 2013 2959
The QuadraTherm® 640i is the most accurate insertion-probe thermal mass flow meter for gas mass flow rate measurement on the market today, achieving gas mass flow rate accuracy never before possible, +/- 0.75% of reading above 50% of full scale. The QuadraTherm 640i gas mass flow meter marks an accuracy breakthrough in thermal dispersion technology achieving extreme precision with "percent of reading" accuracy, which for the first time rivals accuracies of Coriolis technology for measuring gas…

QuadraTherm 780i Inline Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Oct 21, 2013 18710
QuadraTherm's four sensor technology provides the critical inputs for the Raptor OS and powers qMix software which allows users to easily change gas composition in the field and retain accuracy

Brooks GF40 Thermal Mass Flow Controller

Oct 17, 2013 6198
Multiple gases in one device equals maximum process flexibility and productivity. The GF40 Series elastomer sealed mass flow controllers and meters with Brooks Instrument’s exclusive MultiFlo™ technology provide the perfect choice for systems, processes and facilities that use a variety of gases, change gas types frequently or need to re-range while preserving gas measurement and control accuracy.

Axetris Mass Flow Meter MFM 2150

Jan 11, 2016 5134
Compact mass flow meter with RS-485 full duplex interface, based on the proprietary Platinium MEMS technology from Axetris (MEMS: Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems). It offers the following advantages


Jul 09, 2014 8265
The TSI Mass Flowmeter 4040 can be used for a multitude of gas flow measurement applications. Whether measuring gas flows in a laboratory or manufacturing setting, TSI general purpose mass flowmeters provide accurate results with multiple data output options. The display versions come complete with accessories making setup and operation fast and convenient.

Bronkhorst® : EL-FLOW Prestige Mass Flow Controller

Jul 12, 2015 2114
EL-FLOW® Prestige is the next generation of Bronkhorst Mass Flow Meters/Controllers for gases. Nearly all core components have been redesigned and many improvements and innovations have been incorporated. With this new series Bronkhorst introduced the “Differential Temperature Balancing” technology, ensuing high accuracy and a superb sensor stability. New, power efficient micro-processors with innovative multistage control loops have been applied to achieve enhanced dynamic behaviour.


Oct 05, 2017 592
Full scale flow ranges from 0.15 GPH to 400 GPM and .015 SCFH to 2000 SCFM Connection sizes from 1/4-inch to 48-inch flange, tube fitting, sanitary, stub-welded, or hot tap

Mass Flow Meters and Controllers 'red-y smart series'

Nov 03, 2013 2329
standard: The economic solution (Accuracy ± 1.0% of full scale, Turndown ratio 1 : 50) hi-performance: With highest accuracy and turndown ratio (Accuracy ± 0.3% of full scale and ± 0.5% of reading, Turndown ratio 1 : 100)

Thermal Mass Flow meter Model 600-9

Apr 04, 2015 2298
Our In-line Thermal Mass Flow meter Model 600-9, employs a spool on the circumference of the pipe. Our flow measurement equipment use two RTD sensors: one for sensing temperature, the other for sensing flow. The temperature sensor measures the heat of the media passing by and instantly corrects for changes in temperature. It then sets the temperature of the flow sensor to a precise temperature above that of the passing media. The accuracy of the flow measurement is based on the fact that all…


Oct 17, 2013 2641
The MASS-VIEW®series operate on the principle of direct thermal mass flow measurement. A major advantage of using this type of sensor is that the instruments measure direct mass flow, without the need for temperature and pressure correction.

MASS-STREAM™ Series D-6300 Digital Direct Mass Flow Meters

Oct 02, 2017 721
The new digital MASS-STREAM™ series D-6300 works on the basis of direct through-flow measurement, following the constant temperature anemometer principle, and replaces the analogue series D-5100 / D-6200.

Mass flow meters & controllers with built-in display

Mar 26, 2014 1642
Our proven thermal mass flow meters and controllers of the red-y smart series are now available with integrated display. The display indicates flow rate, total and measuring units. If you have the controller version with this clear display, you can add the option of using a local setpoint to set the required flow.

FlatTrak™ 780S Inline Mass Flow Meter

Oct 17, 2013 5260
The FlatTrak™ 780S offers improved measurement capabilities in installations where long straight pipe runs are not available. The meter incorporates Sierra's unique dual-plate flow conditioning element to eliminate velocity profile distortions as well as swirl and temperature stratification in the gas stream.

Thermal Mass Flow meter SLA5800 Series

Oct 17, 2013 2565
Brooks Instrument's SLA5800 Series is an elastomer sealed digital thermal mass flow measurement and control instrument, which offers unparalleled flexibility and performance. The SLA5800 Series MFC is designed for use in advanced gas handling systems. The result is the most accurate, repeatable, and responsive MFC on the market today!

Thermal Mass Flow meter 4800 Series

Oct 17, 2013 1890
The 4800 Series MEMS-based sensor provides lightning fast response times. The 4800 Series utilizes a Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) based thermal sensor. Similar to typical thermal sensors, it measures a change in temperature to determine mass flow rate. The difference is that gas flows directly across the sensor, achieving extremely fast response times.

EtherCAT® fieldbus interface

Oct 31, 2013 1843
Bronkhorst Mass Flow and Pressure Meters/Controllers can be supplied as EtherCAT® slave devices. This fieldbus system offers short data update times (also called cycle times) with low communication jitter (for synchronization purposes) and low hardware costs.

IN-FLOW IP65 Mass Flow Meters

Oct 17, 2013 3267
IN-FLOW Select Series Mass Flow Meters/Controllers are thermal, bypass-type, mass flow meters of modular construction with a 'industrial style' pc-board housing. Control valves can either be integrally or separately mounted, to measure and control gas flows