IN-FLOW IP65 Mass Flow Meters


IN-FLOW Select Series Mass Flow Meters/Controllers are thermal, bypass-type, mass flow meters of modular construction with a 'industrial style' pc-board housing. Control valves can either be integrally or separately mounted, to measure and control gas flows


  • High accuracy (standard 0,5% of Rd plus 0,1% of FS)
  • Rangeability in digital mode up to 187,5 : 1
  • Optional Multi-Gas / Multi-Range functionality: freely programmable ranges and gas types
  • Pressure rating 64 /100 bar (Multi-Gas / Multi-Range functionality up to 10 bar)
  • High pressure versions available (up to 700 bar)
  • Resolution: 0.00082 ft/s (0.25 mm/s)
  • Rugged, weatherproof housing (IP65, dust and waterproof)
  • Option: ATEX approval for Zone 2
  • Analog or digital communication (RS232 or fieldbus interface)
  • Turndown Ratio: 1/100
  • High flow versions available (up to 11000 m3n/h)
IN-FLOW IP65 Mass Flow Meters