Venturi tube model FLC-VT-WS


A Venturi tube is a reliable and easily-managed and maintained instrument that can measure a wide range of clean liquids and gases.

The main advantage of a Venturi tube over other differential pressure flow measuring instruments is the higher pressure recovery and the lower upstream and downstream straight pipe length requirements.

The Venturi tube consists of a gradually decreasing nozzle, through which the fluid in a pipe is accelerated, followed by a gradually increasing diffuser section. The diffuser section allows the fluid to nearly regain its original pressure.

Due to the fact that a major part of the output pressure is regained, the Venturi tube is particularly suited for the measurement of flow rates in systems with a low pressure differential. Thanks to the low pressure loss the cost of pumping the fluid can be reduced to a minimum.


  • Suitable for liquid, gas and steam flow measurement
  • Accuracy ≤ ±0.5 % of actual flow rate
  • Repeatability of measurement 0.1 %
  • Ensure the lowest pressure loss in the family of primary flow elements
  • Calibration may be performed if required
 Venturi tube model FLC-VT-WS