InnovaMass® 241 VTP (Multivariable Vortex Meter)


A unique insertion multivariable vortex mass flow meter, the Model 241 is a true workhorse in large pipe applications, high pressure applications and numerous geothermal steam applications.
Our Model 241 provides a direct reading of mass flow rate from a single entry point in the process line and provides analog and digital outputs of five process variables: mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate, temperature, pressure, and fluid density. The unique insertion design has probe lengths from 2-inches up to 72-inches and can measure air up to 67000 scfm and saturated steam up to 330,000 pounds/hour. In addition, the instrument is available in a high-pressure version capable of mass flow measurement of gases up to 5000 psig. The Model 241 has emerged recently as the proven instrument of choice in geothermal steam applications across the globe. The ability to sense all process conditions in a single location greatly improves measurement accuracy and eliminates the costly requirement for additional line penetrations associated with traditional mass flow measurement systems.


  • Mass &Volumetric flow monitoring of most gases, liquids and steam
  • Rangeable down to Reynold's number of 5000
  • In-line sizes from 2 " to 72 "
  • 1.2% rate accuracy (liquids) or 1.5% for gases over a 30:1 turndown
  • Fully field configurable
  • Loop powered with 4-20ma outpute
  • No moving parts, very reliable
  • Also measures pressure, temperature and density of process
  • Ex approved for FM, CSA and ATEX
  • Active loop, Loop powered, MODBUS and HART output available
  • Active Flow profile compensation
  • Fully field configurable
  • Easy to Install, lots of installation options (f.i. Hot-tap systems)
  • Digital communications solutions include: BACnet, HART, andModbus RTU.
InnovaMass® 241 VTP (Multivariable Vortex Meter)