Digital Self-Checking Flow Meter


  • Precise, repeatable mass flow measurement for fuel, air and combustion streams
  • Displays instantaneous standard rate and totalized flow without calculations
  • Advanced temperature compensation extends accuracy over wider ranges of fluid temperatures
  • Thermal mass flow technology provides reliable measurements with no moving parts
  • Thermal mass flow metering provides outstanding accuracy over a wide turndown range
  • Redundant meter functions provide “on-line” self-checking to ensure safe operation and to provide fail-safe alarm output
  • Monitors, displays, and outputs air/fuel ratio when two meters are electrically “linked” to each other
  • On board memory totalizes flow without batteries or external equipment
  • In-line flow body incorporates conditioning screens to reduce straight-run piping requirements and eliminates many installation problems common to insertion type meters
  • Large, convenient local display for ease of use. No PC or other interface necessary for configuration and operation
  • Fail-safe alarm, limit and analog outputs for easy integration into PLC or DCS systems
  • Factory Mutual (FM) approved for Hazardous Locations, Class 1, Division 2 Groups A,B,C, and D and Class 1, Zone 2, Group IIC
Digital Self-Checking Flow Meter