FuelTrak Automotive Fuel Flow Meters


Our FuelTrak 1000 / 3000 / 9000 steady-state gravimetric fuel measuring systems are proprietary high-precision instruments designed for measuring specific fuel consumption of petrol and diesel engines up to 1000kW, 3000kW and 9000kW respectively. All wetted parts in our FuelTrak family of fuel flow meters are high-grade stainless steel, enabling any variety of reference and/or unusual fuel to be used.

The main components of the FuelTrak fuel diesel flow meter include the compact 316L stainless-steel fuel weighing chamber, electronic control unit, fuel fill solenoid valve, CP128 Control System, and the connection loom. You have the option of adding our fuel conditioning unit, the FCU-1000, to the FuelTrak diesel fuel flow meter to provide computer-controlled fuel supply temperatures to:


  • Combat extreme ambient conditions
  • Fight high fuel return line temperatures
  • Match specific test requirements
FuelTrak Automotive Fuel Flow Meters