Phocus2 is an acoustic data logger system designed for widespread use in detecting and localising leakage on water distribution systems. Large areas may be rapidly assessed.

Phocus2 is a 'smart' logger which can automatically determine the presence of a leak. This enables use in either survey mode or allows for permanent installation. This logger gives visual indication of leakage or can be used with sophisticated software to produce graphical and tabular results.

Acoustic logging is a cost effective method of reducing leakage to very low levels. Phocus2 allows water companies to 'focus' resources in the fight against leakage.


  • Rapid, overnight, identification of leaks - without the need of staff night working
  • Use for survey or permanent operation
  • Large areas can be covered quickly
  • Intelligence built into logger for instant, on-site indication of leakage
  • Advance analysis PC software
  • Flexible system - can consist of any number of loggers