Water Cut Analyzer - Meter with integral Mixer - EESIFLO


Water in crude oil measurement - water in gas condensate, moisture in pressurised hydrocarbons - EESIFLO International designs and manufactures water-cut analyzers with built in integral mixing elements upstream of the water/oil sensing elements. Water and Oil do not normally mix, since water is denser than oil and in a pipeline a situation called "bottom water" takes place where the water is literally at the bottom of the pipe in an un-mixed state. If there is no adequate mixing before the watercut meter, then it is possible that accuracy in measurements worsen and in some cases the water is entirely missed. It is possible to purchase separate mixers from EESIFLO but the one piece spool design is often preferred since the complete unit is a sample conditioning device and meter at the same time. Optional sample ports can be added downstream of the mixing elements if required. Alsoi designed for water in oil emulsions and also water in fuel emulsion as a stand alone sensor, monitor, detector and analyser.