Viscous Liquid Flow meter

Flow Sensors

Nov 16, 2016 676
The Aqua metro CONTOIL flow meters are the highly accurate flow meters, Independent of viscosity and temperature, Minimum pressure loss, Insensitive to high vibrations, Complete range of products, Minimum maintenance necessary, Several marine approvals, Standard device covers all flow directions.

Model 140MX Flowmeter

Nov 16, 2016 672
The Model 140MX operates on the fluid principle of Momentum Exchange. It is an oscillatory flowmeter which utilizes a specially designed geometric shape to produce self-induced oscillations.

Flow Meters For Proportioning Equipment

Nov 16, 2016 670
Graco's gear and mass flow meters are highly accurate, even with low flow rates. Our meters are ideal for finishing applications using most solventborne and waterborne paints and resins.


Nov 16, 2016 643
Cost effectiveAccurate readings Independent of viscosity Mechanical or LCD totaliser

Liquid Flow Meters

Sep 29, 2016 6179
VAF Instruments positive displacement liquid flow meters are the most accurate volumetric measurement system for your installation. Highly accurate measurements for a wide range of liquids from low-density LPG tot vicous petrochemical products.


Jan 11, 2017 433
Liquid Controls Positive Displacement Flowmeters are precision made liquid measuring instruments that maintain precise and accurate metering over long periods of operation. Simplicity of design and construction, together with sustained accuracy, has led to the widespread use of PD Series meters within a variety of highly valuable custody transfer applications throughout the world.

Lc Liquid Controls Metering Systems

Jan 11, 2017 476
Lc Liquid Controls Metering Systems High Accuracy 0.1, Approved Custody Transfer Bulk Meters Flowcon guarantees the best performance on our highly accurate meters, suitable for Custody Transfer of different types of fuel.

241 Helical Flow Meter

Jan 11, 2017 532
Flow range: 100 cc/min to 189 liters/min (0 to 50 gpm) Accuracy (at 30cp): ± 0.2% of reading over 50:1 range Maximum Operating Pressure: 35,105 or 240 bar (500, 1500 or 3500 psi) Displacement: 0.062 liters/rev (3.78 in3/rev)


Jan 11, 2017 460
FLOMEC® Medium Capacity Chemical Flowmeters provide precise volumetric flow measurement of a broad range of clean water based products and aggressive chemicals and is also suitable for most fuels