Model 140MX Flowmeter


The Model 140MX operates on the fluid principle of Momentum Exchange. It is an oscillatory flowmeter which utilizes a specially designed geometric shape to produce self-induced oscillations. Unlike traditional flowmeters, the 140MX has no moving parts or bluff bodies to wear or jam. This ensures years of reliable service, and coupled with its ability to handle high viscosity fluids and low flow rates, provides exceptional performance in your toughest applications. In addition, the fact that there is no piping run requirements simplifies installation and yields cost savings.


  • Accuracy: Typically 1% of flow rate
  • Repeatability: 0.25% of flow rate
  • Flow Turndown: 12 to 1
  • Viscosities: Up to 80 centistokes
  • Pipe Sizes: 0.75", 1.0" & 1.5"
Model 140MX Flowmeter