Water Flow Meter

Water Flow meters 8000 Series

Jan 25, 2018 211
Water Flow meters 8000 Series
Advanced microprocessor based flow measurement technology in a compact, leak-tight package! Proteus 8000 Series instruments provide accurate, rugged, reliable and cost-effective measurement of heat transfer fluids and other liquids from -40 to 90°C. Customized versions can be adapted for use with liquid temperatures to 150°C and above. A builtin relay can be used to sound an alarm or shut down a system before damage is done to valuable equipment and products.

Flow Meter with Flow Sensor for 1/4" Pipe

Nov 24, 2016 814
Compact Easy to Use Flow Meter with 1/4" Pipe Flow Sensor Included. This unit displays the current Flow Rate as well as the total amount of Water that has passed. The unit is battery operated and easy to read. Mounting is suitable for all standard 1/4" pipes and a long sensor cable is provided.

Gardena digital water flow meter

Nov 24, 2016 658
Now it's easier than ever to fill up your gliders wings straight from the tap. This digital water meter has an indication of liters per minute, 2 memory spaces for used water, and an automatic mode. The values are stored in the memory until you reset it.

Electromagnetic flowmeter AquaMaster

Nov 24, 2016 667
AquaMaster conforms to the latest international standards to meet increasing legislative demands for accurate flow metering. Its wide measuring range ensures peak daytime flows are accurately recorded and its exceptional low flow performance aids network leak detection.


Nov 24, 2016 758
The F-1000 Paddlewheel Flow Meters are easy to install, battery-powered and a great value for many full pipe water flow applications. The F-1000 Paddlewheel Flow Meters feature high quality, durable materials that provide long operational life in a variety of applications, including mildly corrosive liquids. With their simple strap-on saddle or T-mount installation fittings, the F-1000 Paddlewheel Flow Meters install quickly on most standard pipe sizes, and they can be mounted in virtually any…

Sneak Peak: 2010 Camelbaks w/ Electronic Flow Meter

Nov 24, 2016 605
CamelBak just sent us a few sneak peaks of their 2010 products, which includes this very cool digital flow meter showing how much liquid you’ve sucked through your reservoir.  Necessary?  Probably not.  Do we want it?  Oh hells yeah!

AgriMag Plastic Mag Flow Meter 25mm

Nov 24, 2016 667
AgriMag Digital Mag Flow Meter 25mm Flow Range 0.5 - 4.8 l/s (Full scale) Accuracy +/- 1% of reading between 10-100% of full scale Accuracy +/- 3% of reading between cut-off and10% of full scale

YF-S201 Hall Effect Water Flow Meter / Sensor

Nov 27, 2016 690
This sensor sits in line with your water line and contains a pinwheel sensor to measure how much liquid has moved through it. There's an integrated magnetic hall effect sensor that outputs an electrical pulse with every revolution. The hall effect sensor is sealed from the water pipe and allows the sensor to stay safe and dry.