Water Flow meters 8000 Series


Advanced microprocessor based flow measurement technology in a compact, leak-tight package!

Proteus 8000 Series instruments provide accurate, rugged, reliable and cost-effective measurement of heat transfer fluids and other liquids from -40 to 90°C. Customized versions can be adapted for use with liquid temperatures to 150°C and above. A builtin relay can be used to sound an alarm or shut down a system before damage is done to valuable equipment and products.

  • Flow ranges from 0.2 to 227 LPM / 0.05 to 60.0 GPM
  • Accuracy of 3% of flow range
  • Liquid temperatures from -40 to 90°C for standard models – customized versions to 150°C and above!
  • Enhanced accuracy and stability from digital signal processing
  • AutoAlarm™ automatic alarm trip point setting feature
  • 0–5 VDC or 0–10 VDC and 4–20 mA outputs
  • Standard NEMA 4X / IP66 enclosure
  • Customization available for OEMs
  • 5-year warranty
Water Flow meters 8000 Series